Dance,it comes in so many different form, but lets take a look at kpop mostly: dance and everything els that comes with it.

This is the world of dance, aslo Kpop is taking over. Just look at these cute kids, how can you not love them:

BTS being BTS:They are very well known right now

These are for your amusement:

GOT7 Jackson

BTS with Nicki Minaj

NCT Boss😝

Stray Kids��

The world of kpop: here are some images for you, because why not. Also I incouded some girls groups so I don't seem sexist, I'm just more on the boys group side. Also I might have a lot of BTS but that's just because they are babe:

Here are some memes for you guys cause everyone is into memes:

I can go on forever but I shoud probably stop: